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© 2024 KiwiCo, Inc. KIWICO, Eureka Crate, Doodle Crate, Kiwi Crate, Atlas Crate, and Koala Crate are trademarks of KiwiCo, Inc., registered in the USA and other ...KiwiCo, Inc. | 16,415 followers on LinkedIn. KiwiCo delivers hands-on science, art, and engineering projects designed by experts and tested by kids. | Founded in 2011, KiwiCo delivers seriously ...

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Jumping Robot. $27.95 4.8. Add to cart | $27.95. Take a leap into engineering with this jumping robot! Assemble a spring-powered mechanism, then experiment with the design to customize its jumps and appearance. Along the way, learn how the physics of potential and kinetic energy work to put the spring in your robot’s step. Ready to jump in?Kiwi Crate Mechanics (3-Pack) $72.95 ( $83.85 value) 4.9. Notify me when back in stock. Learn all about mechanics with these 3 projects! Recommended for Ages 5-8+. Read more.Cut out the bottom of your Kiwi Crate. Keep the sides! Place the crate bottom on one of your puzzle pictures and trace around it. Lift off the crate bottom and check that your art is inside the rectangle you traced. Cut out the rectangle. Use tape or glue to stick your artwork to the crate bottom. Cut four cardboard strips from the sides of ...Over 50 million crates delivered worldwide! " Elliot is learning all about chemical reactions and how colours mix. It's his first time doing anything involving the scientific method and he is so full of wonder. Save today! KiwiCo delivers kids' subscription boxes and STEM, STEAM, science and art kits that provide serious fun and hands-on learning.Wal-Mart will offer curbside pickup for groceries ordered online in 8 new markets. Shoppers can choose from 30,000 items. By clicking "TRY IT", I agree to receive newsletters and p...Labyrinth. $24.95 4.1. Notify me when back in stock. Engineer an a-maze-ing labyrinth maze game, complete with a maze that you can design (and redesign!) yourself. Twist the dowels to tilt the maze in any direction you'd like, and try to land the ball into the holes. Then explore mazes through the ages, and discover the relationship between ...Back to Ask a question. Name * Please provide your first name. Phone Number. Please enter as (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Email * Please provide the email connected to your KiwiCo account. Subject * Message * Please let us know how we can help you. Stay in touch. Inspire students to work together, solve real problems, and create something amazing with KiwiCo's classroom science & art kits. Enter your login details. Forgotten your access number? Need to reset your password ? Take care of your banking online – check your balances, pay your bills, transfer money, open accounts – with Kiwibank internet banking.Get $10 for every friend who purchases! Friends you refer get $10 off their first purchase. Explore more about Kiwi Crate The Secret Agent Crate with our fascinating online resources! Access interactive videos and educational content to make art and conduct hands-on exper... KiwiCo offers monthly subscription boxes and kits for kids of all ages to explore science, art, engineering and more. To access your account, click on the login button at the top right corner of the web page. 4.7. $39.95. Out of stock. Added. KiwiCo craft kits introduce kids to new crafting materials and interesting techniques. Our experts spend 1,000+ hours developing each kit to make it easy and convenient for kids to spend time building, exploring, and creating. Our goal is to inspire kids to see themselves as scientists, artists, creators, and ...Breeze Airways secured $200 million in Series B funding, the first sign of investor confidence in the startup's business model since it began flying. Breeze Airways secured $200 mi...KiwiCo offers subscription lines and one-time purchases of science, art, and engineering projects for kids of all ages. The web page does not require login to browse, shop, or sign up for emails.Ocean Explorer Baby Activity Wedge. $69.95 5.0. Notify me when back in stock. Dive into sensory and motor play! This activity wedge is packed full of features to explore, with ocean-themed elements to touch, crinkle, slide, and hide. The hinged design converts from a wedge to a block for more to explore as your baby moves from tummy time to ...Santa's Railroad Advent Calendar. Ages As parents, we know it's tough to find time to kee Inspire students to work together, solve real problems, and create something amazing with KiwiCo's classroom science & art kits. Menu. ... Share KiwiCo, Get $10! Sign in. USD ($) Delivery country/region Get $10 for every friend who purchases! Friends you refer g Access MyScholarShop from your EMA portal. 2. Open your requests by selecting the "Your requests" tab or "See all" under Recent requests: 3. If you do not see the desired request, update the filters at the top of the screen and click on the magnifying glass icon to find the desired request. 4. KiwiCo offers fun and learning activities for kids

Fizzy Chemistry. $27.95 5.0. Notify me when back in stock. Get down to fizziness with kid-friendly chemistry! Use acids and bases to create color-changing critter art, and make paintings appear and disappear. Explore pH, acid-base indicators, and how temperature affects the rate of chemical reactions. Then keep the fun going with more acid-base ... Spin Art Machine. 4.6. $22.36 $27.95 20 % off. Add to cart. Showing 35 of 218. Hands-on STEAM kits promote problem-solving and creativity, transforming an interest in science, engineering, or art into a lifelong passion. Light-Up Holiday Bundle. $75.95 ( $89.85 value) -. +. Add to cart | $75.95. Get free shipping with this product! Spark new ideas with three illuminating holiday projects! Engineer a festive fireplace that flickers, crackles, and pops. Build a traditional candle carousel that uses aerodynamics to spin, and even construct a wooden workshop for ...Help the story get back on track by shaking, rocking, and reading this silly book. Get the book . Turtle Splash! Countdown at the Pond. Cathryn Falwell. Practice counting in reverse as you follow ten turtles through their day. One by one, the turtles splash into the water, which means the numbers keep changing!

Make-It-Move Electronics Set. $29.95 5.0. Notify me when back in stock. Start your engineering engines! Build your very own motorized mechanical contraptions by connecting motors to wheels, axles, and pulleys. Learn about the science behind mechanical motion, and mix-and-match parts to create brand new inventions - what will you rev up?The Subscription Box: Kiwi Crate. The Cost: $19.95 per month + free shipping. Save with longer subscriptions. The Products: Crafts and DIY projects for kids, with supplemental learning kits, booklets, and activities. Crates are filled with materials and inspiration to encourage creativity and curiosity. Projects cover a number of developmental ...Ages 5+. Coins in Motion. $20.95 4.7. Explore the concepts of currency and math! Make a gravity-powered bank to sort your money and coins. Build a coin coaster game with a ramp and see how many coins you can get into your goal. Learn embossing techniques and make personalized coins. Read more.…

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Take on this project and use it to time your daily activities! Try it . Swinging Salt Pendulum. The pattern of this pendulum’s path shows amazing physics at work! Try it . Sundial. Making a simple sundial and experiment with all sorts of scientific observations! Try it . See more DIYs .Browse and buy hands-on science and art projects for kids in bulk. No login needed, just select your delivery country/region and currency and add to cart.

Get $10 for every friend who purchases! Friends you refer get $10 off their first purchase. Refer friends . USD ( $) Explore more about Kiwi Crate The Solar System Crate with our fascinating online resources! Access interactive videos and educational content to make art and conduct hands-on exper...Faux Leather Portfolio. $27.95. Notify me when back in stock. Design a faux leather portfolio that's uniquely you! The sturdy stitching is decorative as well as functional, and the multi-color metal brads allow you to personalize the flap with your own design. Comes with a sketchbook, ready to fill with all your own art and ideas.

Canvas Zip Pouch Set. $16.95. Craft on the go with a colorf Starry Night. $27.95 4.8. Notify me when back in stock. Shoot for the stars with this starry night-themed crate! Build, design, paint your very own glow-in-the-dark moon, and learn about craters! Play a meteor toss game, then create a galaxy-in-a-bottle — perfect for stargazing indoors! Read more.Back to Default Theme Popping a wheelie with Tinker Crate Rubber Band Make your clinic next generation one - Improve y Maybe this year isn't about me. Perhaps it is not about you either. This isn't looking like it's going to be the year all of our dreams come true. It's... Edit ... Starting at $18.50. + Free shipping within th KiwiCo was created to celebrate kids' natural creativity and curiosity, while helping parents who want to bring enriching experiences to their children. We want to make it fun, easy, and delightful for families to spend time building, exploring, and creating together. KiwiCo Best Sellers . Visit the Store .Advertisement Bulb thermometers are good for measuring temperature accurately, but they are harder to use when the goal is to control the temperature. The bimetallic strip thermome... Spark learning at home with these cool sciencThe benefits of KiwiCo include: Age-Appropriate B4.7. $39.95. Add to cart. Showing 35 of 233. Hands-on STEAM kit At KiwiCo we know the key to unlocking the mysteries of science is in the experience. Every curious kid can make their own independent science discoveries when they are given the tools to experiment, explore, and experience hands-on learning! Our newest science and art kits challenge and inspire kids' creativity, while helping them build the ...Contact us · About us · Search · Login · Accounts · Credit cards · Home loans · Savings & Investments · Insurance &middo... KiwiCo sparks creativity in kids and saves time for busy pare You'll also be signing up to hear about new crates, exclusive products and offers from KiwiCo. Inspire students to work together, solve real problems, and create something amazing with KiwiCo's classroom science & art kits. Check out science toys, engineering projects and art kits for kids from KiwiCo. We deliver serious fun for kids of all ages. Shop for the perfect gift today! Check out science toys, engineering projects and art kits f[Apr 27, 2021 ... Log in. Video. 󱡘. KiwiCo. Apr 27, 2021󰞋Chain Reaction Workshop. $79.95 5.0. -. +. Add to car Coin-Eating Robot. $27.95. Save up in style — and explore engineering! — with a coin-eating robot you built yourself. Construct the body, connect the motor and cams, and wire up a circuit that becomes complete when you place a coin on the robot's tray — causing the robot to gobble the coin right up! Read all about the science of circuits ...